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  • American Artist in Retrospective, Harry Callicott Griffith
The story goes

I did not start out an artist...I became an artist

It is all in...how hungry you are. Intellect, education was not working. I had to find a talent. It did not find me. I had to develop it. The greatest lessons about art, I learned on the street. In those years, I watched the line and it trained my eye. Under a six year tutelage of Auseklis Ozols who was trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, I can now paint. The Academy gave me that freedom of expression. The freedom to capture what I want to express visually. Caricatures of human nature are represented in flashes of light and darkness, confusing minds in what is really happening or better yet what is really interesting. Only you, the individual can determine the viability of what it is to tell the story, the meaningfulness of our civilization and our time, for it is the craft and the art that you treasure that will survive to tell the story.

Callicott Griffith , Artist, Woodworker, Sculptor, Painter, and Pastelist